Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea in my home
         Visiting Pleasant Hill Farm

   Before the Spencerian Saga, Tasha visited our farm. What a special moment for me who has loved her art since childhood. I remember standing on the stool in the children's section, pulling out books, seeking those with her illustrations. I wanted to dress and live like the children in her books.

My husband, John picked Tasha up at Carol Lueck's house and drove Tasha to the farm. On their way, they passed a beekeeper's home and his sign for beeswax. John told Tasha that we bought our wax from the Conners, so they stopped and she was thrilled to select a heavy round of clean wax that we later mailed to her home. Tasha enjoyed her ride past orchards and vineyards. Once she reached the farm, she toured my gardens, and met our goats and fowl. We also walked on Lake Michigan's beach and watched the waves.

Because it was still canning season, I had left a basket of pears on our porch. Their scent filled the air and mingled with the fragrance of a sweet autumn clematis. Tasha loved fruit and commented on those tasty looking pears, so of course we sliced some up and reveled in their sweetness. Sometimes I think of Tasha when I see fill mason jars with pears, or pass a bowl of pears ripening in my kitchen. I am thankful for the moments I shared with Tasha and the memories that grow sweeter each year.


  1. i am enjoying these blog posts and pictures so much!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dear Joan,

    I was so thrilled to have found this blog last night whilst looking through google images and I found some of your photos!

    I first found Tasha's illustrations in Childcraft when I was a child and absolutely loved the children dressed in the old fashioned clothing! It was all so familiar since I had always loved old fashioned things.

    We've enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your photos!

    We had a few inches of new snow last night and it was so pretty this morning with the winter white, blue sky and clouds!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and the goats and corgyn at Corgyncombe Cottage

  3. Thank you, Jackie for your kind post. Knowing that others enjoy my musing encourages me to continue mulling over the tales I can tell. I was blessed to spend many hours, listening to Tasha tell me stories, sharing special moments.

    Dear Diane and Sarah,
    How wonderful to find your message, and to learn how you fell in love with Tasha's art. And to think we were both involved in one of her books! Your blog is so beautiful...I have enjoyed seeing your handiwork and how Sarah has grown into a beautiful young woman. When are you goats due? Mine are out eating pine branches and my corgi telling me it is time for chores. Your friend, Joan

  4. Thank you for sharing. The picture is a reminder of just how petite Tasha was. This has been following you down memory lane!

  5. Thank you, LaVonne,
    Tasha was a petite lady, yet so strong in many ways. I hope to share a post tomorrow, but today we drilled abot 120 taps in some of maple trees. Sugaring season is hear!

  6. I enjoy reading your memories of Tasha Tudor.

    I can remember reading aloud to my daughter out of A Child's Garden of Verses and later The Secret Garden illustrated by T.T. When I read Drawn From New England in the 1990s I was charmed. In our public library this biography is on the children's shelves. I think they should have a second copy for the adult shelves.
    I love real maple syrup and low bush blueberries.
    Karen A.

  7. Thank you Karen for your sweet comments and memories. I agree, that biography belongs in both sections. Knowing Tasha was a joyous blessing!

  8. Oh my goodness! I am so enjoying reading of your sweet memories with Tasha! Thank you for sharing. Real maple syrup....yumm!!! She was very petite to be such a strong woman. Love your pictures!!!