Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Enjoying a free moment at the Saga


            While driving to Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, to attend the Spencerian Saga, Tasha asked Carol and me to not reveal her identity.

            “I just want to blend in and be myself,” she said. “I want to enjoy this time with you and the other students.”

            I was still amazed that despite my limited farm income, that I was attending the Saga with her. Tasha had offered to pay my way and had suggested that perhaps I could repay her by quilting the top she had pieced. But while John and I were discussing the situation, God provided another means. A woman who had ordered a wall quilt changed her mind and asked me to make her a full-sized bed quilt. The payment for her quilt sent me to the Saga.

            Of course, Carol and I agreed to remain silent and allow Tasha the freedom to be herself. After we arrived at the Saga, Tasha conveniently forgot her name tag, and when we ate dinner with the other attendees, Tasha demurely answered their questions.

            “Oh, I like to draw and sometimes write stories. I’m just an old woman having fun. Now tell me about yourself?” she said, transferring the attention.

            Tasha managed her ruse until Wednesday, when one man noticed her doodling on her paper. She had illustrated sections of her worksheet with birds, flowers and a squirrel.

            “You must be Tasha Tudor,” he said. “My daughter adores your books. We love your artwork.”

            “Yes, I am Tasha Tudor,” she said and handed the man her sheet of paper.

            That afternoon, most of the students raided the local bookstore, and graciously Tasha signed numerous copies of her books. Yet, I realized that by the time fame found her, Tasha had gained what she wanted. Everyone had come to know her as a witty and talented person who loving shared her gifts with friends.

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  1. :0) When you first spoke if Tasha wanting to go incognito I wondered how such a one as the lovely Tasha could go unnoticed. I love the bit about her nametag! Too cute! I know I keep saying this but you are so blessed to have all of these sweet memories and I thank you soooooo much for being so willing and so gracious to share them with us. I am thrilled to be reading these. I was first introduced to Tasha by a sweet Aunt who has since passed that gifted me with her books as a child. It wasn't until five years ago that I learned of Tasha and her life through all of the books about her. Ever since I have been trying to glean all I can. Oh how I would have loved to have met her. I dream of one day being able to go to Vermont! Not sure I ever will but praying so. God is so good for providing you a way to go!!