Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasha at the Saga in her 1880's gown
On one of my first visits to Corgi Cottage, I sifted through what I call, the creative clutter on Tasha's long work table and found two books on how to learn the Copperplate script. For over a year, I had wanted to learn Spencerian Script and had searched for a the correct type of steel pointed pen. Tasha revealed that she, too, wanted to learn this 19th century form of penmanship. Both of us had resolved to improve our handwriting!

That month, Victoria Magazine had featured an article about Michael Sull and his workshop called The Spencerian Saga. Tasha, Carol Lueck who was also visiting, and I discussed the article and how we would love to attend the saga.

"Let's all go together!" Tasha exclaimed in her enthusiastic way.

Carol and I agreed to think about it, and on our return trip home, we found a Spencerian Calligraphy kit in an art store, just like the one I had discoverd before heading out to Vermont. Ah, we thought, a sign that we should register for the Saga! We sent Tasha the kit so that she could begin her studies, and we mailed off our applications for a week that turned into one long slumber party with Tasha........


  1. i just discovered your blog through Take Peace, the yahoogroup devoted to Tasha Tudor devotees. i just love it! The memories you are sharing are so beautiful! Your blog is now my favorite!!!

  2. Ahhh...Joan, how I, too, love Spencerian penmanship. I practice often and hope to get it just right one of these days:-) I homeschooled my son and had him learn it from 6-8 th grade. When he apprenticed at Old Sturbridge Village they were quite amazed to see a young lad adept at this. Thank you for sharing more of your recollections.