Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sodas at Corgi Cottage
                      CHOCOLATE SODAS

Tasha loved chocolate and often commented that she needed some "sweeties" to stimulate her creativity. I agree! The Spencerian Saga took place during September, one of those lovely, golden weeks before the seasons turn. One afternoon, our group visited the collection of Spencer's artwork at the Ashtabula Library and we also viewed Mr. Spencer's former home.

Tasha, Carol and I rode in a new friend's car and on the way back to our lodgings, I pointed out that it was the first day of Fall.

"We should celebrate!" Tasha said.

"Why don't we go out for ice cream?" I said.

The day was warm, and ice cream sounded perfect to everyone else. And thankfully, about that time we spied an ice cream shop and Bill pulled in his car. We trooped in. During our discussion about what to order from the numerous choices, we realized that we all loved chocolate sodas.

So the five of us sat down at the old fashion soda counter. We slurped the cold chocolate through straws and spooned the ice cream. It was one of the best sodas I have ever consumed.

In this photo, Tasha decided it was time for chocolate sodas at Corgi Cottage and she whipped up a fantastic treat.

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  1. I just LOVE how thrilled Tasha would be to CELEBRATE! One of my favorite things to do. A chocolate soda!! Just spoke to this girl's heart! I bet they were oh so delish!! How thrilling to visit Mr. Spencer's home and artwork. Any pictures?