Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Merry Christmas Dance with Tasha

Tasha loved to dance! The year that The Real Pretend was published, we gathered in Indiana for a special Christmas party. Tom Tudor escorted his mother and we all wore small dance card designed by Tasha. A fiddle played, a guitar player strummed chords and a caller told us how to move through the sets.

Once when sitting by Tasha's fire, she talked about how she had trained in ballet, but didn't like how dance required that she stay inside for long hours. Yet at that Christmas party, Tasha displayed her grace cultivated by ballet instructions.

What is your favorite Christmas memory of Tasha? Do you bake cookies from Take Joy, sing the carols found in that book? In what ways, small or large, did Tasha influence your Christmas celebrations?


  1. Hello Joan,
    Thanks for the heads up on FB:-) Lovely memory! One Christmas season a few years ago I attended an event at the Tudor's with a friend. We got to make alot of traditional gifts Tasha had made her family, such as bound books, paper cones, and herb sachets. The day ended with a visit and tea and dundee cake with Tasha. It was so special and she loved to talk of corgyn and our African Grey parrots!

    1. Suzanne, that sounds like a dreamy day! So happy for you to have had that experience! ....Karen

  2. Thank you for this delightful memory, Joan. I never saw Tasha Tudor dance, but she was very spry and I am sure you both glided about the dance floor like happy sparrows on a summer breeze.

    I suppose my most fond memory of Tasha at Christmas was the little Christmas card one of her dogs sent to my doll years ago. She was always encouraging people to have fun with their imaginations.

  3. What a lovely post. Such a beautiful picture of Tasha!! The dresses are so pretty!! Would love to see one of those dance cards she made up close. Just lovely I am sure!! Thanks so much for sharing.