Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feline Friend for Tasha

Napping in the weaving room

Perched on a soft coverlet

While most folks associate Welsh Pembroke Corgyn with Tasha, she also loved cats and they were attracted to her. Miaou, her one-eyed gray tabby often slept in large antique bowls, or snuggled on the bed in the winter kitchen. But of course, she was Tasha’s well-loved pet, but one day I saw a stray cat bond with Tasha.
Tasha and I were attending the Spencerian Saga, held each fall near Platt Rogers Spencer’s home in Ashtabula, Ohio. Along with the other students, we took a field trip to visit Spencer’s grave. A cloudless sky shimmered overhead and a few trees displayed their fall colors as Tasha and I strolled through the cemetery, looking at the flowers and sayings on the older tombstones. Because we were there to celebrate Spencer’s achievements and not to attend a funeral, the peace of the place settled over us.

Out of nowhere, a black cat with white markings sauntered up the brick path and paused by Tasha. He stared up at her with that certain look that asks for attention. She sat down on the grass, and cuddled him. Settling into her arms, he began to purr. When his desire for snuggles was satisfied, Tasha amused him with a blade of grass, wiggling it back and forth as the cat pounced on it. Finally, our band of students needed to leave, so Tasha gave kitty one last hug. He sat on the path, a quiet sentinel watching our car drive away.
Tasha and her new friend

Sewing by the hearth with a sleepy tabby


  1. Hello Dear Joan,
    You have been endearing us with such sweet memories! You look ever so natural sewing with Miaou in the background! And your dress is wonderful and cozy! :-)
    i enjoyed your story of your time together and the little "slice of time" moment was a true delight!! You have had a dear friendship!
    Thank you for sharing another story!
    Many blessings and warmth, Linnie

  2. Dear Joan,
    Oh , I love seeing a notice pop up on our group announcing another memory of your time with Tasha. Thank you so much for sharing , they truly make my day and many others. What a lovely frock! I wish women today dressed like this again, I really do!

  3. Thank you, dear friends, for the compliments. Tasha gave me the pattern for the dresses she usually wore, and now and then, a visitor to our farm will say something like...."you dress like Tasha Tudor," and I consider that a compliment! She deeply blessed my life.

  4. Dear Joan, I am been charmed with of having found his blog. Though here in Spain Tasha it is not very known, I am great his admiradora, and now also of you, for having had the great luck of having known her and of being able to have shared moments of his life with her. Please, tell us more histories with Tasha, his recollection feeds my life. Thank you very much. An embrace. Mari Carmen

  5. Thank you, Mari Carmen, and I hope to continue sharing my little moments with Tasha, enjoying everyday activities. And blessings to you in Spain!

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